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Adrian %%Evans%%


I started tattooing professionally in 1991 at the age of 17. For the first 14 years of my career, I tattooed in Deep Ellum, working at several tattoo shops in the beginning, including Tigger's, when it was the only shop in Deep Ellum, and Pair O' Dice, where I learned most of what I know from Richard Stell. He taught me about traditional tattoos as well as traditional Japanese tattoos, making these the styles I gravitate towards more than any others. However, being from Deep Ellum, I learned to be proficient in all styles of tattooing.

I left Pair O' Dice to partner with Dean Williams and Oliver Peck to open Elm St. Tattoo in 1996. I worked there until 2003, and then I bounced around a bit before eventually opening Liberty Tattoo. After 3 years, I closed it and inevitably ended up at Saints and Sinners Tattoo, where I've been since December 2015. Here, I'm able to work on my craft, always pushing the limits and learning all I can.

Adrian Evans tattooing a client at Saints and Sinners Tattoo
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Wall of flash art tattoo by artists at Saints and Sinners Tattoo in Carrollton, Texas


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