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An %%Phu%%

Origin unknown - the elusive creature known as An Phu (pronounced “On Foo”) has mystified scientists for decades. He claims to be a male human of only 36 years of age and to be born in the fine state of Texas, but there are recorded sightings shown on decorative artifacts unearthed of the Hòa Bình culture, dating back to 41,500 BCE and numerous other cultures since. His ability to change form makes it nearly impossible to know for sure; in fact, the photo shown here is of a man holding him in one of these forms as he is, in fact, quite camera shy.

What we do know, and should matter most to all of you, is that he is, in fact, a truly gifted artist. He began tattooing in 2012 at this very shop and prefers to work in all of the traditional styles of tattoo but is more than happy to do whatever comes his way. He is very well liked by all who meet him and loved by those who know him. He prefers to release his tattoos into the wild, oftentimes the only evidence is the look of contentment on those wearing his work. Below are a handful of photos mostly captured by this writer in the rare occasion the opportunity presents itself. Do yourself a favor and connect with him below or at the Dallas shop if you can find him. He works mostly by appointment but will do walk-ins as well!

Portrait of An Phu at Saints and Sinners Tattoo
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Wall of flash art tattoo by artists at Saints and Sinners Tattoo in Carrollton, Texas


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