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Portrait of Nick Ley lounging in a chair at Saints and Sinners Tattoo

Nick %%Ley%%

Raised in the cornfields of Nebraska, I was always curious about the mysteries that had to exist beyond my limited worldview and was determined to seek them out as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Seeing my first tattoo as a child ignited an interest that finally manifested itself when I learned how to hand poke my own first tattoo at the age of twelve. It was a few more years before my first professional tattoo. My wanderlust eventually landed me in Padre Island, Texas; where I was invited to apprentice under Harpoon Barry, a peg-legged merchant marine with a love for surfing, sculpture, and of course tattooing.

I officially became a professional tattoo artist in 1991 at the age of 18. After many years of traveling, working with talented artists, and honing my craft, my wife Emily and I opened Saints & Sinners Tattoo in 2001 in Carrollton, Texas. A decade later we opened a second location in Dallas. From bold, bright traditional tattoos, and fine line black & gray tattoos to ideas that challenge the imagination or tickle the funny bone, I remain inspired to create tattoos that reflect my love for the art and the craft. I work by appointment only, feel free to contact me for an appointment or consultation below.

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Wall of flash art tattoo by artists at Saints and Sinners Tattoo in Carrollton, Texas


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